Based in Lagos, Nigeria, TECHANYU Limited is an information technology service provider. We offer comprehensive software suite for organisations of various sizes in different sectors in Nigeria.

Whether you want to increase productivity; reduce costs; retain customers; gain competitive advantage over your competition; engage and delight your customers, our easy-to-use ERP and Mobile applications for different industries would be of great advantage to your organization.

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School Management System

Our focus for schools is to assist in making the management of education Smart; Seamless and Scalable using Tech Educational Management System (TEMS). This will enable teachers and administrators have more time to invest on the improvement and development of the schools and parents can monitor their wards anywhere and anytime.

Mobile Applications

Make your customers keep coming back again and again by allowing them to book appointments and make enquiries directly through their mobile devices. Reward them for their loyalty and communicate directly through push notifications to your target audience.

Website Development

Do you want a website that’s ahead of the curve, or you need to have your site maintained, redesigned, updated or just generally freshened up? We’ll create an outstanding website design customized for your business and competitively priced too

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